Summer Assignments 2017

Summer Assignments at Arundel High School keep students engaged in academic activities throughout the summer or provide continued practice so students don’t regress in their skill level.  These activities have been designed to be completed independently without the need of direct instruction.  References have been included to assist students.
Preparation is an important college and career readiness skill.  It is important that all students complete the assignments for their AP and/or academic subjects (English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and World & Classical Language). Assignments will be graded upon return to school from summer vacation. Therefore, please complete all assignments for the first day of classes. 
If you have questions about the assignments, please contact Greg Ryan, Assistant Principal, with an email to

Below are links to summer assignments for these classes.

English Math Science
AP Literature

All math classes are to use the website in order to access their summer assignment. Use CHROME not Internet Explorer to get best results.

AP Physics 1 & 2
AP Language and Composition
How to set up DeltaMath account AP Biology

English 9 Honors

Letter to Parents

AP Environmental Science
Form to be filled out for APES

English 9 Daily & Standard AP Computer Science Principles AP Chemistry

English 10 Honors

  Honors Chemistry

English 10 Daily & Standard

English 11 Honors    
English 11 Standard

Science Fair - required for all students taking Honors Chemistry and Honors Biology but encouraged for all science students
English 12 Honors    
English 12 Standard
Math Review Topics for incoming freshmen  

E- book Novels for ENG and AP BIO 
Username: Student ID
Password: Last 4 digits of ID

Social Studies WCL Art/Music
AP Human Geography AP Spanish Language AP 2D Design/Honors Photo 3
AP Psychology ASL 1 AP Studio Drawing
AP US Government (GOVERNMENT) ASL 2 - no assignment AP Studio 3D Design
AP US History (HISTORY) ASL 3 Honors Vocal Ensemble
AP Economics ASL 4 - no assignment Honors & AP Music Theory
AP World History
AP French - coming soon  
AP World History:  An Essential Coursebook French 3 Thinking Maps
AP European History French 4 Brace Map
AP Comparative Government

Spanish 3 assignment
Spanish 3 options

Circle Map

Spanish 4 assignment
Spanish 4 options

Sequence/Flow Map
    Multi-Flow Map
    Bridge Map
    Tree Map
    Bubble Map
    Flow Map
    Double Bubble Map